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WELCOME!  This is a place where SELF-Care and SOUL-Care connect.  

At Virtuous Women Today and Bara’ Beauty, founded and led by Dr. Kathy Yorkshire, women are empowered to step into their God-given purpose and embrace their calling, while nurturing their inner and outer beauty. Together, we offer hair and skin care solutions tailored to relieve sensitivities and enhance confidence. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where faith and beauty intersect seamlessly.

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Elevate your entrepreneurial and spiritual journey with Dr. Kathy’s empowerful speaking and transformative coaching services.


What People Say

“I loveeeee this company’s products so much! The mango lip mask always makes me lips feel smooth and buttery, while also giving that plump effect.”
“I’ve tried many lip balms for my dry winter lips. This one is by far the best (even compared to $20 or $30 products). It is 100% fragrance and taste free. It’s thick without being sticky and my lips are always moisturized when I wake up in the morning. A great product!” ~Kathleen
“This class was transformative because I received resources, scriptures, and testimonies, along with other great words of wisdom from our teacher and other ladies in our class.”
“I bought this for a women's book study. Loved every chapter.”
“Your book pulled me in from the very first page. Most importantly I felt convicted to be even more intentional and disciplined to put God first so that I can be a virtuous woman living as God desires.”
“Perfect remedy for my lips. I use it first thing in the am and last thing at night. Keep my lips moisturized. Love this product!”

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Meet Dr. Kathy Yorkshire

Dr. Kathy embodies a harmonious blend of beauty and faith offering a holistic approach to empowerment and transformation. As the visionary founder of Virtuous Women Today, a community and safe space for spiritual growth and discipleship coaching, and Bara’ Beauty, a haven for natural skin and hair care solutions, she epitomizes authenticity and purpose-driven living. 

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for uplifting others, Dr. Kathy’s brands serve as beacons of inspiration, guiding individuals on their journey toward radiant beauty and spiritual fulfillment.

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