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WELCOME!  This is a place where SELF-Care and SOUL-Care connect.  

At Virtuous Women Today and Bara’ Beauty, founded and led by Dr. Kathy Yorkshire, women are empowered to step into their God-given purpose and embrace their calling, while nurturing their inner and outer beauty. Together, we offer hair and skin care solutions tailored to relieve sensitivities and enhance confidence. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where faith and beauty intersect seamlessly.


Secrets of Becoming a Virtuous Woman


Christian Discipleship Coaching


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Speaking & Coaching Services

Elevate your business acumen and spiritual journey with Dr. Kathy’s inspirational speaking and transformative coaching services.

Book Dr. Kathy to Speak

If you're seeking a dynamic speaker to inspire your audience with entrepreneurial wisdom and insights into pitching a business, Dr. Kathy is the perfect choice. To discuss availability and tailor a presentation to your event, please click the button below.

Dynamic Speaker

As a successful entrepreneur, author, and spiritual coach, Dr. Kathy offers a multifaceted perspective. Her captivating storytelling, combined with practical insights and actionable advice, leaves a lasting impact on attendees. Whether she's sharing her entrepreneurial journey, offering guidance on pitching to investors, or imparting wisdom on spiritual growth, Dr. Kathy's presence on stage inspires, empowers, and motivates audiences to embrace their full potential. 

Discipleship Coaching

Dr. Kathy’s personalized Christian discipleship coaching program is designed to empower women on their spiritual journey, providing guidance, support, and a deepened understanding of their faith. 


As a seasoned coach and mentor, Dr. Kathy provides invaluable support, guidance, and encouragement to individuals seeking to deepen their relationship with God and discover their true purpose. Her approach is rooted in compassion, understanding, and a deep commitment to helping others unlock their full potential. Through individualized sessions, participants will explore their faith, identify their God-given gifts and purpose, and learn how to navigate life's challenges with wisdom and grace.

NEW! Business Pitch Coaching

Unlock the secrets to Dr. Kathy's triumph in her inaugural business pitch competition. Acquire her invaluable insights and proven strategies by securing a confidential business pitch consultation or coaching session with Dr. Kathy.


Dr. Kathy's exceptional ability to articulate a compelling vision, communicate effectively, and secure funding for business expansion is proven by her winning the top award for her first business pitch. Dr. Kathy's strategic insights, entrepreneurial acumen, and hands-on experience make her an invaluable asset for individuals or companies seeking guidance in pitching.

Bara' Beauty Products

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We are all beautifully created for such a time as this!


Meet Dr. Kathy Yorkshire

Dr. Kathy embodies a harmonious blend of beauty and faith offering a holistic approach to empowerment and transformation. As the visionary founder of both Virtuous Women Today, a sanctuary for spiritual growth and discipleship coaching, and Bara’ Beauty, a haven for natural skin and hair care solutions, she epitomizes authenticity and purpose-driven living. 

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for uplifting others, Dr. Kathy’s brands serve as beacons of inspiration, guiding individuals on their journey toward radiant beauty and spiritual fulfillment.

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