One-on-One Christian Discipleship Coaching for Women

Dr. Kathy’s personalized Christian discipleship coaching program is designed to empower women on their spiritual journey, providing guidance, support, and a deepened understanding of their faith. Through individualized sessions, you will dig deeper to understand your God-given gifts and purpose.  You will walk through key life challenges and setbacks while establishing achievable goals.  Dr. Kathy will support you in ways that aid you in cultivating a stronger relationship with God.

This one-on-one coaching program is tailored to meet the unique needs and questions of each participant, fostering a transformative and enriching experience.

Program Highlights:

Personalized Sessions:

Tailored to your specific spiritual goals, challenges, and questions.

Biblical Exploration:

Deep dives into Scripture, fostering a greater understanding of God’s Word.

Prayer and Reflection:

Guidance on developing a meaningful prayer life and moments of introspection.  Each session will begin and end in prayer.


Spiritual Growth Strategies:

Dr. Kathy will identify and share practical tools and techniques for your personal and faith-centered growth.

Accountability Partner:

Dr. Kathy will walk alongside you as you apply learnings to your daily life.

Support and Encouragement:

Dr. Kathy will provide a safe space for open dialogue and emotional well-being.

What participants shared about their experience working with Dr. Kathy for discipleship coaching:

Working with Dr. Yorkshire in the realm of discipleship coaching has truly been an extraordinary journey. In Proverbs 11:14, we find the profound truth that “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Dr. Yorkshire embodies this wisdom, serving as an exceptional mentor who consistently imparts profound insights, drawing from both the word of God and her wealth of personal experiences.
What sets her apart is not just her counsel but her unwavering commitment to serving as a living testimony for Christ in her community. Dr. Yorkshire has opened her life as a powerful witness, impacting the lives of countless women in her community and beyond. I am eager to witness the boundless potential of what God will achieve through her and the ripple effect she’s creating among the women she has touched.
Ms. Yorkshire’s discipleship coaching has helped me to acknowledge God’s purpose in my life, even in the smallest moments. It helped me to draw closer to God and seeking the value that I would want, through Him not in the world.
“I had the privilege of being discipled by Dr. Kathy Yorkshire. It was indeed a life-altering experience that contributed immensely to my spiritual journey. Dr. Kathy is deeply rooted in her faith, and she embodies the Christian principles she teaches. Her authenticity creates an environment where one feels not just mentored but embraced and guided by a caring spiritual leader and friend. Her genuine love and sense of sisterhood fostered an atmosphere of trust and openness for me, enabling me to share my struggles, questions, and victories without fear of judgment. Dr. Kathy seamlessly blends fundamental biblical truths with practical life applications, ensuring that I understand the theological foundations of my Christian faith and learn how to integrate these principles into my everyday life. Amidst the countless number of lessons I learned from her, one that has stuck with me is the encouragement to pray “bold prayers” where we trust God for the humanly impossible. During our discipleship sessions, Dr. Kathy and I would share prayer requests with each other and we would agree together in prayer. God has been faithful and we continue to see Him work in miraculous ways regarding our requests and beyond. Ultimately, I can boldly admit that being discipled by Dr. Kathy has fostered my spiritual growth, prayer life, courage, knowledge of God’s Word, and faith in God. I strongly encourage you to receive this kind of discipleship coaching from Dr. Kathy – an anointed woman of God.”

Are you ready to be supported in this season as you pursue the Lord for more in your life? 

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